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Teens Trying To Make Hash Oil Burned In Blast

Canada.com, 19th August 2006

Five Alberta teens ran screaming from a residential garage after it exploded Thursday night, said witnesses.

All five boys -- believed to be underage -- were taken to hospital with first-, second- and third-degree burns.

"We were sitting inside and we thought it was a gunshot," said witness Roula Hageahmad, who was holding a garage across the street. "Five guys came running out and they were all burnt."

After the first "boom," a second blast rang out, and Hageahmad said a large puff of smoke billowed from the garage roof.

"Fire was coming out of the roof," she said.

"If the door had been sealed closed, they would have been dead. Somehow, the door came open and they got out," she added, pointing to the crumpled garage door.

Hageahmad said one boy ran up to her family's home.

"He was burnt from top to bottom and he asked, 'Is my hair OK?' "

She said he was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

On the sidewalk, paramedics tended to two of the boys, one with a raw burn on his forearm. All five boys are in non-life threatening condition.

The Calgary Police Service arson unit is investigating the possibility of illegal activity inside the garage, said Sgt. Sergio Falzi.

Global National has learned that the teens were apparently attempting to make hash oil when the process became unstable and exploded.

Hash oil production, which results in a highly potent liquid form of cannabis, is extremely dangerous due to the use of explosive solvents, such as butane, throughout production.

Officials warn parents that the prevalence of online literature on how to make hash oil, coupled with readily available household products required for the process, has led to a growth in the dangerous practice of making homemade hash oil, especially amongst teens.

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