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Soccer Moms Accused Of Smoking Pot At Kids' Practice

newsnet5.com, 5th September 2006

It's not how you would picture your typical soccer moms -- unless, of course, you're picturing a scene from Showtime's "Weeds," WLWT-TV in Cincinnati reported.

Police said 40-year-old Deborah Spangler and 39-year-old Jessica Riddell passed the time during their children's soccer practice by sharing a joint in a minivan in the soccer field's parking lot.

"It's just outlandish because they were waiting for their kids to finish soccer practice," Lt. Timothy Traud said.

Authorities received a complaint about the women, and when an officer showed up at the field Wednesday, he spotted Spangler and Riddell in a Chevrolet Astrovan.

"He began talking with them and could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle," Traud said.

A search of Riddell's purse revealed a marijuana cigarette in a box of Marlboros, police said, as well as 2 more grams of pot and rolling papers.

Officials arrested both mothers, and their children had to go, too.

"I feel for the children," Traud said. "They have my sympathy."

Both women have been released on bond and are scheduled to be in court next Wednesday.

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