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Not very high times at the Playboy Mansion

Dean Goodman, Reuters, 1st April 2006

Sex and drugs were on everyone's minds at the Playboy Mansion on Thursday as a marijuana rights group held its annual fundraiser at the famed temple of hedonism.

Unfortunately, guests were warned in advance that anyone caught smoking pot on the premises would be thrown out. There wasn't much scope for sex either, as the mostly male crowd outnumbered the handful of Playboy hostesses who circulated under the watchful gaze of security guards.

The bash was organized by the Marijuana Policy Project, which lobbies against criminal penalties for marijuana use, and for medical marijuana. It handed an award to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, a long-time advocate of drug liberalization (among other things). Performers included nine-time Grammy winner Ray Benson of country combo Asleep at the Wheel, who bemoaned the hard line against marijuana in his home state of Texas.

Among the guests was syndicated radio humorist Adam Carolla, who told Reuters that while he was skeptical of pot's alleged health benefits, people should be allowed to smoke it if they want.

He said he last indulged about a month ago, but finds modern-day strains a bit too strong.

"I used to live in an apartment and swing a hammer and then it was cool to get high," he said. "Now, I get high and I'm driving down the street and I see a big billboard with my face on it, and I'm totally freaked out."

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