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Medical Field Against Legalized Marijuana

Dr. Ted Beam, Central Kentucky News Journal , 4th September 2006

Even with my busy schedule, I usually make the monthly meetings for the Campbellsville-Taylor County Anti-Drug Coalition held at Taylor Regional Hospital. It matters. Removing illegal drugs from the community will help us reach many goals. We want health, prosperity and hope for our community, not despair, hopelessness and poverty.

I laughed to myself when I read the recent letter from Colorado stating that marijuana could and would be used in a responsible way by responsible adults if made legal. I just don't believe that. I grew up in the 60s and 70s.

I watched nickel and dime bags being passed around at concerts and festivals as the police just watched. I helped friends get home safely after they had indulged themselves in smoking the weed. And then I read that "responsible adults" would handle it properly.

I have also noticed that the medical field consistently stands against legalizing the general use of marijuana. The medical field presently uses a synthetic cannabis in some treatments. These treatments are developed and supervised by scientists, pharmacists and medical doctors who have the training, expertise and experience to use a synthetic cannabis in a way that aids their patients. The medical field is using narcotics (both natural and synthetic) in a similar way, to aid their patients. I doubt that most citizens (regardless of how responsible we might be) have the knowledge and skill to use marijuana in a way that does not diminish our mental capacity or even diminish our health.

These are just my personal observations; however, I would like to address one statement made by the citizen of Colorado when he stated that the Bible, even the first page of the Bible, supported the human consumption of marijuana because it bore seeds which caused reproduction. This conclusion is flawed because he makes a leap in logic that just cannot be justified.

The scripture is my area of expertise, with three earned graduate degrees in Bible and theology. The reader from Colorado has a simple argument: God gave all plants that bore seeds and reproduced to humans for consumption. I disagree. If every plant that reproduced itself was given by God for us to consume, then there is an automatic conclusion ... that would mean every plant. This would include coca from which we produce cocaine, peyote cactus and Psilocybe mushroom each from which we produce hallucinogens, none of which have a positive medical use.

If the reader from Colorado is correct in his interpretation of the Bible, then God also intends for us to ingest poison ivy, poison oak and any other poisonous plant. According to Google.com, there are 5.5 million listings for poisonous plants, plants listed as toxic to humans (I don't see a reason to include the multiple names of plants God created that would kill humans). I'm just not convinced God intended for these plants to be eaten, smoked or their resins to be injected. As a matter of fact, Genesis Chapter 2 actually says that those plants that are "good for food" are the only ones given by God to humanity to consume.

I think common sense would conclude that plants which produce health and life are given by God for human consumption. Plants which would alter the state of mind, cause other harm or even death were not given by God for human consumption. God is not in the business of harming the very people He loves. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

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