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Durban motorists take the high road

Sharlene Packree, IOL.co.za, 19th July 2006

Durban is definitely the city where people live life on a high note and a plant growing next to a set of traffic lights in the city is proof of this.

Driving around the city, one is used to seeing beggars, newspaper sellers, promoters dishing out pamphlets and the odd freebie at traffic lights.

However for the past two weeks, a strange plant growing next to a robot at the corner of NMR Avenue and Old Fort Road has attracted curious stares from passing motorists.

The green leafy plant bears a remarkable resemblance to the cannabis plant or dagga as it is more commonly known.

Although cannabis is illegal in South Africa, the mind altering plant has caused quite a stir among motorists, especially those who use the plant for recreational purposes.

There are some who were curious enough to find out if the plant was really dagga, that they drove by twice just to to make certain.

It's a mystery as to how the plant got there.

There are theories that students from nearby learning institutions, who cross at the intersection, threw the seeds there.

Another story is that the seeds were thrown from a car window.

However the plant got there, it has got people talking and smiling as they pass the robot.

A student said that she had stopped at a red traffic light when she noticed the plant.

"I saw the plant and thought that it looked very much like a dagga plant. I rolled down the window to get a better look and was amazed that the leaves were very similar to a dagga plant," she said.

"I was very surprised to see such a large plant growing there in the open for everyone to see. I'm sure that a lot people had noticed it as well."

Unfortunately, the plant disappeared before the Daily News could send it for analysis.

No doubt someone is now walking around with a supply of dagga guaranteed to make them very happy.

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