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Court bans drug dealer from using walkie talkies

James Durkin, 21st July 2006

DRUG pusher Martin Hibberd has been banned from going near his former Reading home for five years - and at the same time cannot use a walkie-talkie.

Hibberd, 27, of Granville Road, Southcote, was jailed for nine months in March for possession of cannabis with intent to supply and resisting arrest.

But last week a Reading Crown Court judge granted police a post-conviction order banning Hibberd from his old stomping ground - the notorious Mandela Court area - and from owning any form of radio communication.

Hibberd is allowed to use a mobile phone, but Reading police spokesman Adam Fisher said drug dealers use spotters to watch for the police and the popular method for keeping in touch is via walkie-talkie.

Hibberd's no-go zone covers the streets of Newtown and a wide area of east Reading.

Reading police commander Sup Steve Kirk said: "This is the second person involved in the commercial supply of cannabis in the Mandela Court area to have received such an order and others are pending.

"We will not tolerate any form of drug dealing, whether it is heroin, crack cocaine or cannabis." [25cf]*In April a similar Asbo was granted against Christopher Neilson, 38, of Holberton Road, Whitley.

* POLICE officers involved in Operation Falcon - the campaign against drugs crime - executed eight search warrants and arrested 11 people in a series of dawn raids across Reading on Tuesday.

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