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Classical music fans smoke the most dope

Lachlan Mackinnon, The Daily Record, 14th September 2006

DANCE music fans enjoy the most sex - but lovers of classical music are more likely to have smoked cannabis.

And opera-goers have probably tried magic mushrooms, according to a startling study into the link between music and drugs. It also showed that 37 per cent of rap fans had more than one sexual partner in the last five years.

But country music fans prefer to stand by their man ...or woman.

Just 1.5 per cent of them had more than one sex partner in the five years.

Psychologist Dr Adrian North quizzed 2500 people across the UK on their musical tastes and lifestyle for the study.

Rap and dance music fans were more likely to have tried arange of illegal drugs.

But about a quarter of the classical music and opera fans admitted to having tried cannabis.

Perhaps most surprisingly, 12 per cent of opera fans had tried magic mushrooms.

Dr North found rap fans were the least likely to be religious, least likely to recycle, least likely to demand alternative energy sources, least likely to favour higher taxes for better public services and least likely to support the National Health Service.

In addition, they were more likely to have broken the law.

More than one in two fans of dance and hip hop music had committed a criminal act, compared with just 18 per cent of fans of musicals.

Dr North also confirmed there was a class divide when it came to music.

Fans of classical and opera were more likely to be middle or upper class. They earned an average of £35,000 a year, while dance music fans earned only £23,311.

Classical music and opera fans were also more likely to have been educated to a higher level.

Seven per cent of opera fans had a PhD.

But not a single chart pop fan who took part in the study had one.

Dr North, from the University of Leicester, now wants to recruit 10,000 people across the globe in a bid to complete the "first worldwide picture of who likes what" via a website called musicaltastetest.com.

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