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Cannabis 'farm' man jailed

The Westmorland Gazette, 6th April 2006

A MAN who set up his own cannabis farm' in Morecambe so he would not have to rely on dealers for the drug, has been jailed.

Steven Dixon turned to using cannabis when depressed over the end of a relationship.

But instead of making him feel better, the drug had the opposite effect, a court heard.

Police went on to search his basement flat and found 20 cannabis seedlings - and it all ended with a three months jail sentence passed by a judge at Preston Crown Court.

Thirty-three year-old Dixon of Marine Road West, had pleaded guilty to producing cannabis, possessing the drug and also possessing a small amount of cocaine.

He appeared with friend Andrew Sharples, also 33, of Charles Street, who admitted being concerned in production of cannabis and possessing the drug. He was given 10 weeks prison, suspended for a year, and ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid community work.

Paul Cummings, prosecuting, said cannabis was found when a search was made at Sharples' address.

Following this, a search of Dixon's basement flat found a factory' where cannabis was being grown.

Twenty seedling plants were recovered as well as cannabis and a small amount of cocaine. Dixon said he had bought the equipment over a period of time, paying around £500 for it.

The plants had been grown on a cycle of about three months and the activity had been taking place for about two years.

Mr Justin Hayhoe, for Dixon, told the court his client had become involved with drug use at a young age.

Then, a number of years ago, he decided to self medicate' by using cannabis rather than seek help from his GP after a relationship with his then girlfriend ended.

Mr Hayhoe said: "He was growing cannabis for his own personal consumption. He didn't like drug dealers and wanted to disassociate himself from the suppliers he was dealing with.

"He has now been able to wean himself off the drug, turning his back on the previous lifestyle."

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