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70% Of Erratic Drivers On Drugs

RTE, 23rd August 2006

It is reported that 70% of erratic drivers stopped by gardaí are under the influence of some kind of drug.

A report in this morning's Irish Independent quotes from a document drawn up by the Medical Bureau of Road Safety. It found that most of those stopped had not consumed alcohol but had smoked cannabis or taken prescribed medicine.

The study found that six out of ten men were experiencing the effects of cannabis and that many middle-aged men were driving while on legally prescribed anti-depressants.

Many of the tested drivers had a combination of high alcohol levels together with drugs in their systems.

The report recommends the introduction of education and awareness programmes.

The Road Safety Authority is said to have seen the study and is now in the process of drawing up a new strategy to combat the problem.

News of the report's contents follows the introduction of measures to help the gardaí deal with drivers who break the law.

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