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The Hempire News - March 03

Cafe News
No change I'm afraid. Still waiting for the council, still expecting it to be a long process. Still going ahead. Time is spent researching other establishments (if you know any good ones please let us know) and learning how to run a bar. It's also a time to learn patience. This process has a timescale all of its own. It wont be rushed, and it wont be slowed. All the delays that have happened so far have been for the good. I'm sure this one will be too.

Legalisation News
Yes there is a café open in - of all places - Accrington (it's near Blackburn). I spoke to the owner last week and she told me the police knew about it, the local paper knew about it and the council knew about it but no one had shut them down. They've been open since September and their policy is neither to sell nor to kick people out who skin up. More places like this please.

Get Involved
No homework this month boys and girls. Although if you haven't already signed the petitions calling for legalisation please take five minutes to do so.
--- Five Minue Fixes

News Stories of the Month
David Blunkett's plans for reclassification were criticised by the UN last month. Apparently the decision has led to worldwide repercussions and is sending out 'the wrong signal'. It's not surprising the UN would be so critical given that a) they somehow believe they can ever rid the world of drugs and b) their idea of a 'good' drug policy is an American one. Still, it does go to show how influential little old Britain still can be. In addition, the Home Office's defence of their policy should be proof enough reclassification is definitely going to happen.
--- what the UN says
--- why you can ignore it

More details have emerged about the way Jesus used cannabis. It seems clear the herb was one of the main ingredients of the oil used for anointing. It's also clear that anointing served more purposes than just healing the sick (cannabis can be absorbed through the skin don't you know). The word Christ means 'the anointed one' and Christians are the anointed people. Moreover, the act of anointing was used to introduce people to the faith, much as baptizing is now. So all those holier-than-though persecutors of cannabis are actually being anti-Christ.
--- full story here

I don't know about you but I notice the unmistakable smell of cannabis in more and more public spaces. This worries some publicans who don't want to get in trouble with the law and it annoys some regulars who, understandably, don't want to get high when they've chosen to get drunk. Expect to see this issue get even bigger as people worry less about getting caught smoking. When that happens the clamour for designated spaces for stoners will be coming from both the smoking and the non-smoking communities.
--- full story here