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The Hempire News - July 03

Cafe News
We've looked at four different properties in the past month, none of which are suitable. The best of the lot is the old BritArt gallery on Commercial Street. It looks great but is just too far out of the way, right by a busy road and surrounded by the sort of fashion companies who dress Jerry Springer's guests.

We are now extending the search out of Hoxton/Shoreditch/Brick Lane and up to Upper Street/Essex Road. But the search could be a long one. I hope you stay patient with us.

At least we're not the only ones suffering delays:
- full story here

Legalisation News
The Worthing café is one year old and the party to celebrate was attended by a few local dignitaries; some of whom were wise enough to spot that a regulated supply of cannabis must be better than an unregulated one. The café is supported by local residents and local businesses but not by a few vocal (read ignorant) opponents who quite simply don't know what they're on about. The staff in Worthing have done a fantastic job despite all the pressure that's been put upon them and our congratulations go out to Chris and everyone else risking their liberty for our freedom
- appalled of Worthing
- enlightened of Worthing

The case against Biz Ivol was dropped recently (she's the MS sufferer who threatened to end her life if medicinal cannabis was not legalised). However, Biz wanted her day in court and believes the Scottish judiciary chickened out of a confrontation. Accordingly, she took an overdose the very same day but is fortunately now out of danger. She has reconfirmed her vow to commit suicide unless the law is changed though.

Her case encouraged others in a similar position to come out. This includes an MS sufferer whose walk across the breadth of Canada was only made possible because of cannabis. The more stories like this appear the quicker the Government will be shamed into changing its utterly inhumane treatment of desperately ill people.
- case dropped
- Biz overdoses
- dope is her only hope
- walking across Canada

The study the Government will use to decide if medicinal cannabis should be legalised comes out soon. If this report is anything to go by expect good news.
- full story here

The case for change is being made by more and more influential people. This month they include a former Chief Superintendent at Scotland Yard, a senior Scottish judge, a Cornish surgeon, the head of Drugscope, a Scottish MP and The Observer.
- police
- judge
- surgeon
- drugs expert
- MP
- The Observer

We are definitely not alone.

Get Involved

It's summer, it's sunny and it's a great time to get stoned. We can't condone law breaking of course - ah f*ck it, of course we can. Break the law, smoke cannabis, get people used to the sight and the smell, show people we're not the drop-outs the Mail portrays. Do your duty, remove the shame from smoking and get high openly. But don't let your smoke reach others, especially children.
- Brazen Blazin'

Biz's case (see above) has re-ignited the once weekly protests at Westminster. If you're free on a Wednesday and fancy having fun join the dedicated few...
- http://tinyurl.com/hswf

News Stories of the Month
A recent study by the University of California found "Smoking marijuana will certainly affect perception, but it does not cause permanent brain damage". You may have missed this though because it's not quite as newsworthy as the scare stories Associated Newspapers threaten us with. Read this and stop buying The Standard (assuming of course you don't already read The Mail).
- full story here

Some of you may have read that Dutch coffeeshops are under threat from a new anti-smoking law. The good news is that the Dutch (being Dutch) give employees the right to vote whether they want to work in a smoke-free environment or not. I can't see many saying no, can you?
- full story here

A study by the National Centre for Social Research (I haven't heard of them either but apparently they're very authoritative) reports that 41% of Britons want cannabis legalised. That's legalised not decriminalised, something we could expect a much higher percentage for. This figure is up from 12% just 20 years ago. So at this rate politicians should feel brave enough to change the law sometime around 2049.
- full story here