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Our News - 2003

We need a new approach to fight the war against us. In fact, the new approach means not fighting at all but listening.

The date for reclassification is announced, updates from Alaska, Italy and Holland, more good news for medicinal users, the hypocrisy of Rizla and will a ban on smoking ruin the chances of cannabis cafes in the UK?

More of a global feel this month. Cafe news from North America, what's happening with legalisation around the world, how the Bad ol' US of A influences drug policy, meet a new friend and see the hypocrisy of those who oppose us.

ACPO releases it's guidelines for the policing of cannabis following reclassification. Rhyl has a cannabis cafe for oh about five minutes. Holland makes cannabis available on prescription. Belgium and Australia look at following suit. Tommy Chong suffers for all those jokes against authority.

Loads of positive health stories coming out. New Zealand and Canada move towards liberalisation. The Worthing cafe closes. Why you should want cannabis to be legalised.

No suitable premises yet, plenty of activity on the legalisation front, good news for the rebels amongst you, more evidence to suggest cannabis doesn't cause the harm some would have you believe and proof the tide of public opinion is turning our way.

Good and bad news. Bad news: we've lost the premises we've been working towards for the past eight months. Good news: the landlord still wants to invest. Debunking Blunkett's proposals to arrest cannabis users and close premises where cannabis is used. Tobacco is the real gateway drug, alcohol causes more problems than all other drugs combined and read a student's report on why the drug laws don't work.

Cannabis wont kill 30,000 a year, despite what the Daily Mail says; we want you to be disobedient, but civilly so and more reasons to thank God you don't live in the US of A (unless you do of course - in which case do us all a favour and get rid of that president).

Still waiting for news from the council, have got good news for the activists amongst you, received mixed news from the UN and heard hilarious, if not slightly depressing, news from the US.

More details about the cafe in Accrington, no advancement in our plans, new info about the use of cannabis by Jesus and why publicans in Northampton should demand cannabis cafes.

We've hit a planning snag, more cafes are opening around the country and some very interesting news stories this month.

The designs have moved on and the finance is coming into place. Have a look at the before shots of the premises (above).