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"The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem."
Theodore Rubin
"If the hideous monster Frankenstein came face to face with the monster of marijuana he would drop dead of fright."
Federal Bureau of Narcotics Chief Harry J. Anslinger
"The course of a river is almost always disproved of by the source."
Jean Cocteau

Sow the Seeds

The aim of this campaign is to reintroduce cannabis as a naturally occurring plant in Britain.

Cannabis is a very hardy plant and adapts itself quickly to its surroundings. There is evidence that cannabis was grown in this country from at least 800AD until the 19th Century. Details of hemp crops have been found in various parish records and Henry VIII ordered its cultivation to supply his fleets with sails and rigging.
[The Hemp Handbook, Gisela Schreidber, Vision Paperbacks, 1999]

So there is no danger we are introducing something that hasn't been here before.

Reintroducing cannabis as a naturally occurring plant is really quite easy.

  1. The hardest bit is remembering to save any cannabis seeds you come across.

  2. The second hardest bit is remembering to take them out with you when you leave the house.

  3. Then it gets easy. Simply scatter the seeds wherever you find public spaces (please do not plant on other people's property).

Then wait. You never know what might grow.

Addendum (suggested by Almas)
One of the best ways to ensure the seeds grow is to germinate them first. You can do this simply by placing them between bits of damp toilet paper and leaving them in a warm place for a couple of days.

Some seeds are more suited to the British climate and are thus more likely to take root, for example Northern Lights. If anyone knows any other ones .

However, none of these two things are essential. Cannabis is a very hardy plant and will adapt to most conditions.